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Non-Stick Commercial 28 Shell Griddle, Clam-shaped Cake Mold

Commercial Silicone glaze 28 Shell Griddle, Clam-shaped Cake Mold, Size: 600 x 400 x 23 mm, Material: Aluminum Steel, Individual Shape Dimensions: 68 x 65 mm, Customizable Clam-shaped Cake Mold.

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Convenient to be demold
Need few oil
Easy to clean


Width : 600 mm
Depth: 400 mm
Height: 23 mm


Figure: 28 cups

Good to know:

Please clean the interior and dry up with mild fire

use a cotton cloth to dip in oil (cooking oil, lard, or vegetable oil) and bake under mild fire before using which will better ensure the non-stickiness and durability of the product.

Please do not use sharp metalware to scrape the non-stick surface, the high-temperature allowance is 250 Celsius.

Customizable Bakeware

As a baking tray manufacturer, we can customize the Non-Stick Commercial  Clam-shaped Cake Mold material, size, and surface treatment.
Lead time is based on quantity.

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